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UX & Psychology & Physics | Designer & Researcher & Entrepreneur


Hi, I’m Ruohai. I enjoy listening to life stories, discovering root causes of socio-economic issues, and applying those insights toward solving these problems. I create positive impact and return-on-design-investment by leveraging logic and systematic problem solving that is backed by user observation and stakeholder needs.

In 2019, I began working on a long-term project to improve the social life and happiness of senior people across the world. I’d love to collaborate with anyone interested in this topic to share my research, discoveries, and to-do plan.

Over the last 5 years, I have been a problem solver that has shaped the trajectory of established enterprises like Symantec, AT&T and Honda, as well as emerging startups like CatalX.

I’m originally from Chongqing, China’s capital of hot pot, mountains, fog, and big bridges. Today, I’m based in San Jose, but am open to relocating anywhere in the world where there are big problems to be solved.