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UX & Psychology & Physics | Designer & Researcher & Entrepreneur


  • Convert complex problem into simple solution
  • Enjoy collaboration within a cross-functional team
  • Strategic-thinking designer with knowledge in PM & Dev
  • Volunteer as a mentor in UX education programs
  • Passionate about listening users & creating the best experience for them
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Hi, I am Ruohai Wang, a UX designer based at Silicon Valley. I am always passionate about the path from ideation to launch product. I have designed for a variety of clients including e-commerce, wearables, IoT, travel agency, luxury retailer and online education. I strive to simplify complex problems through practical approach and to create emotionally delightful user experience.

I have a solid multidisciplined background from psychology to art design to physics. I have tested over 150 subjects in my psychological research; have gotten a patent by inventing an electronic device. Thus, I am able to understand user, business and tech needs throughly and comprehensively; and also sovle problem creatively and practically.

I am very active in both UX and startup community locally and globally. I enjoy competitions such as Startup Weekend and hackathon in which I design minimal viable product (MVP) under very tight schedule. Besides, I volunteered in the UXPA 2014 London last summer.

As an avid learner, I am taking design classes from Art Center College of Design and entrepreneur training from Founder Institute.

I am actively seeking new opportunities as a UX designer/researcher. I would like to relocate for great opportunities :)

Let's get in touch if you have any interesting idea or project.

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